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Sonlok 3242

SONLOK® 3242 Nut Grade Thread Locker

Medium Strength, Blue Color

  • High viscosity prevents run-off after application.
  • Medium strength thread locker, dismantling is possible.
  • Meets 90% of all nut and bolt threadlocking applications.


  • Ideal for threadlocking plated parts, vibration or moving components.
  • Ideal for fasteners between 1/4”and 3/4” (6 to 20mm) diameters.
  • Locks and seals threaded joint-nuts, screws and studs.
  • Transmission and engine block studs and valve sets.
Color Blue
Gap Fill, mm 0.20
Viscosity, cps 1,200
Fix Time, min 10
Shear Strength, N/mm2 8-12
Breakaway Torque, in lb 115
Prevailing Torque, in lb 53
Full Cure, Hours 24
Temperature Range 0F -55 + 300

Sonlok 3271

SONLOK® 3271 Stud Grade Thread Locker

High Strength, Red Color

  • A medium viscosity material that seals against most fluids, gases and chemicals.
  • High strength, Permanent and eliminates need for double nutting and welding. Prevents corrosion and leakage.
  • Excellent performance on even oily surfaces.


  • Ideal for fastener upto 1” (25mm) diameter.
  • Fasteners on vibrating machine.
  • Transmission and engine block studs and valve sets.
Color Red
Gap Fill, mm 0.15
Viscosity, cps 500
Fix Time, min 10-20
Shear Strength, N/mm2 15-20
Breakaway Torque, in lb 230
Prevailing Torque, in lb 320
Full Cure, Hours 24
Temperature Range 0F -55 + 300

Sonlok 3565

SONLOK® 3565 Pipe Sealant

Controlled Strength, TEFLON Filled

  • Excellent thixotropic property prevents migration of the sealant before or during curing.
  • Ideal to seal water, gases, LPG, Hydrocarbons, Oils and other chemicals.
  • Widely used pipe sealant for variety of industrial applications such as Petroleum refining, automotive, gas compression and distribution industries, power plants, chemical processing, textile machinery, waste treatments, paper plants, etc.
Color White
Gap Fill, mm 0.75
Viscosity Paste
Fix Time, min 20-40
Full Cure, Hours 24
Shear Operating Pressure, psi 10,000
Temperature Resistance 0F -65 + 350

Sonlok 3638

SONLOK® 3638 Retaining Grade

Maximum Strength, Green Color

  • Fast curing, maximum strength retaining compound.
  • Ideal where high dynamic forces or cyclic loading is expected.


  • Ideal for pulleys, gears sprockets and bearing mount.
  • Locks cylindrical assemblies upto 0.010” diameter clearance.
Color Green
Gap Fill, mm 0.20
Viscosity, 250C Pa.s 2,500
Handling Time, min 2-5
Shear Strength, N/mm2 25-30
Locking Torque, N.m Breakaway 30-40
Locking Torque, N.m Prevailing 55-70
Full Cure, Hours 24
Temperature Range 0F -55 + 300

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